Rules, alerts, reports & fleet dashboard

Go-Getters Delivery Inc. is equipped with the newest technology system allowing us to manage our fleet more efficiently and help lower our fleet delivery time and costs.

All of our vehicles are equipped with the Fleet Management system.  Our office and managers all have access to a web-based application providing us with the following information:

Driver Behavior Rules:

Driver’s locations live, Bird-view Maps, speeding and stops. This allows us to track late departures, Stops, approximate Arrival times, and to assist in re-routing drivers in case of potential road accidents without affecting our clients.

Operations Reports:

Fleet Performance, Congregation (ex: inappropriate stops) reports. All of which let us track our driver’s activities on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Fleet Dashboard:

Snapshot of key fleet metrics helping us identify aggressively driving habits or fleet activities.

Instant notification:

We receive instant text messages or emails as soon as our drivers arrive at the pick-up location and drop-off location. This allows us in providing you with an accurate timeline.

Client-based application:

Our clients can have access to the mapping view and track themselves our driver’s location.

Why should you care?

Well, we can guarantee employee enhanced productivity, faster delivery time, and reduced maintenance issues all of which increases customer’s satisfaction.

  • Emergency Warehouse Storage
  • Courier Service Messengers
  • Sec of State Government Filings