Transportation Services

Same Day Expedited Delivery

We are available 24/7 to solve your time-sensitive logistics issues and keep your supply chain running smoothly. Our closest first available driver will be immediately dispatched to pick-up your shipment and proceed directly to your delivery point.


Dedicated Routes

We can Reduce vehicle and payroll costs!  No need to worry about sick calls or vacations!

We can customize and tailor pickups and dedicated routes. We provide an excellent option for regular, and scheduled shipments between branch offices, vendors, and customers. Our local routed services offer a broad range of options for many types of business. We can provide a dedicated driver and vehicle for your scheduled and routed needs.

Expedited LTL

Why pay for a full truck rate when you don’t need to! Go Getters Delivery Inc will tailor services to meet your specific needs. We now offer 2-3 Day shipping options to our Preferred Customers. This service is only offer to shipments in Northern California where we are proud to say, or customer satisfaction is unmatchable!  We understand that savings is everything to all businesses and we try to cater to your needs by adding yet another transportation option to help your product get to destination.  

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Airport/Port Deliveries & Pickups

TSA-CERTIFIED DRIVERS for your airport deliveries & TWIK Certified drivers for your port pick-ups & deliveries

Airport: Our drivers have been through training and background check to be able to obtain this certification. We will be able to pick up and drop off at the airport.  To deliver at the airport, a TSA certified drivers will be necessary and will be able to provide the TSA paperwork airline carriers need and obtain an airwaybill number.

Port: The TWICK certified driver will be responsible for coordinating with the port staff and ensuring that all cargo is accounted for.  After the cargo is loaded in their vehicles.   The certification is needed to drive in secure areas within a port facility.

Pool Distribution

Your product can be shipped to our regional warehouse in Sacramento or San Jose Ca. where they are accurately sorted by store, loaded onto our trucks and delivered to destination within our existing network. We can help you reduce cost by combining your shipments with others based on geographical areas and keep your stores well-stocked throughout the year.


Cross Docking

Cross docking is ideal for those shipments with products needing to go to different destinations.  

This service is a great solution to help reduce warehouse costs, shorten delivery lead times, and increase order fill rates.  We can break down received items/pallets at the loading dock and match them with pending orders for immediate, local retail store per example.

We can also handle your basic cross-docking need and simply unload your cargo from one shipper and help load another shipper’s trailer.

Either need will help clients decreases or eliminates the storage and labor costs of a traditional warehousing model.

Why choose us for your Cross-docking needs:

      - Locations: SAN JOSE  &  SACRAMENTO, Ca

      - Scanning and communication tools

      - Our equipment is solid and updated

      - Professional and experienced Staff

Proof in

The Numbers




on-time success rate

measured within 15 minutes of the promised pick-up and delivery time


of our deliveries come with a same day POD.

Easy & Convenient

When you come to us, we do not beat around the bush, we get straight to the point.  We don’t waste your time with unnecessary questions or hoops.  Our expert staff is always on call 24 hours.

Safe & Secure

We are insured, bonded and licensed by DMV/ CHP, Motor Carrier Permit – CA 53758. Our drivers go through a rigorous background check and stay in contact with our dispatch throughout the delivery process.

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