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A shipment or service becomes White Glove when it requires more than moving a skid or pallet to or from the shipping or receiving area. It is when your clients need a full-service including packing or unpacking, removal of debris, and the special handling of sensitive materials from high level client.

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Our company white glove service specializes in B2B environment, and we will provide the following:

  • Hi-trained drivers
  • Experts in handling White Glove Orders
  • Asset recovery with required material brought onsite
  • Serial Number verification
  • Inventory of all Assets
  • Weight and dimensions recording
  • Packing, labelling, palletizing, and getting it ready to ship out
  • Delivery to Local recovery center when needed
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When you come to us, we do not beat around the bush, we get straight to the point.  We don’t waste your time with unnecessary questions or hoops.  Our expert staff is always on call 24 hours.

Safe & Secure

We are insured, bonded and licensed by DMV/ CHP, Motor Carrier Permit – CA XXXXXX. Our drivers go through a rigorous background check and stay in contact with our dispatch throughout the delivery process.

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